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Strongheart Plumbing

San Diego, California 92106
(619) 727-8283

Professional, Fast, Competitive Commercial and Industrial Plumbing

Strongheart Plumbing is a commercial and residential plumbing subcontractor.

Strongheart Plumbing has 15 years of experience in the construction industry. We pride ourselves in:

- Quality Plumbing at a Competitive Rate

We keep our overhead low to provide our General Contractors with the best priced bids as possible.

-  Accountability

Our project managers are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to address any issues or immediate response needed

- Project Schedule Adherence

We value our GC’s relationships with their customers. Whether construction is phased, night work, or expedited, Strongheart Plumbing guarantees meeting project schedules.

- Communication
As in any working relationship, communication is key. Prompt and clear, we make sure all parties are on the same page throughout each project.

- Stress Free Construction

Ok, that might be wishful thinking…we know construction can be a stressful thing, but we don’t add to it. We make sure our team members have a healthy positive attitude and help create an atmosphere of professionalism on the jobsite.

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