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Phoenix, Arizona 85027
(623) 243-3900

Intelligrated Communications is a team of professionals who bring decades of knowledge to each project we do.

We take pride in being able to deliver our customers a level of service and support far beyond the normal expectation.  We deliver quality installations and service that often come with added benefits that other companies do not provide.  We look out for our customer's best interests as well as their bottom line.  Sometimes being the low bidder is not what works best at the end of the day.  It is being the bidder that takes into account the entire picture, and often times that means identifying work that is required, however not part of the scope.  We take pride in knowing that when we provide a bid, this is a solid representation of what it will require for our discipline to be successful in your project, not just a number hoping we will get the work.  Navigating the numerous jurisdictions and their code requirements can be tough, the difference between one code cycle can be tens of thousands of dollars.  It is our job to make sure the correct code compliant design is in place starting with our bid.

Mathew J. Amerman
President & C.E.O. Intelligrated Communications Inc.

We offer 24/7/365 service with emergency response times of less than 2 hours in the metro Phoenix area.

We are proud to be a Farenhyt Select Distributor for Silent Knight by Honeywell, one of America's biggest and most trusted names in Fire Protection.

Our technicians receive factory training, and special training classes throughout the year and are constantly learning more so we can serve you better.

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