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General Information for:
Metal X Direct Inc.

Costa Mesa, California 92627
(949) 336-0055

General Information for:
Metal X Direct Inc.

Costa Mesa, California 92627
(949) 336-0055

About Metal X Direct Inc.

Costa Mesa, California 92627

We are Metal X.

MetalX is a Southern California Company comprised of several very talented iron workers. We are highly trained and and experts in the use of architectural metals at all levels including brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. Combined with our expert artisans in wood, glass and plastics, we are able to take the design approach to any project you have and make your ideas a reality.

MetalX is the originator. Our designs are copied in many places, but by bringing your project to us, you have the peace of mind knowing you are getting the best of quality, originality and fabrication at a price to suit your budget. Our artisans and techniques allow us to do work like no others at a price none can match.
MetalX is the premier Design, Build, Install Company in Southern California. 

Metal X Services

We work in both commercial and residential markets; each having different tempos of how the products are produced.  The common thread is problem solving.  We have discovered a solution used in a custom residential project is sometimes applicable in the commercial industry. To compliment our metal products we work closely with other trades and their mediums (such as glass, carpentry, and masonry).  If you have a unique project that needs developing, we have the right team.  Below is a brief description of our services.


  Services Offered:

    • Consultation, Value Engineering, and Detail Estimating
    • CAD Drawings and Illustrations.
    • Prototype samples for discussion (materials, finishes, and scale) and/or approval
    • Fabrication and Installation.
    • Finishes: Liquid (Sprayed or rolled), Powder Coat, Galvanize and Anodize (Baked, Dipped), Brushed or Polished, Metal Patinas (Chemical and Dyes)



Drawings & Illustrations

Drawings are starting points to successful projects; they are intended to unify the client, designer, and project manager into a team.


Finish is the process used to complete the product in its final form.  It may require a durable paint or a high polish.


Once a conceptual direction is established we develop soft ideas into working CAD/shop drawings.


Installation is the delivery and assembly of a project in the field.  The product is permanently attached or placed in the planned area it was designed for.

*Rental equipment maybe required and must be factored as an additional cost.


After drawings are approved, we are ready to begin fabrication.  But before fabrication a sequence or schedule must be established.


We offer a strong partnership in your project, if we establish all working points in advance we will guarantee the project’s success.


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