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ADCO Underground Services

San Diego, California 92119
(619) 241-1496

About ADCO Underground Services

ADCO Underground Services is a full service utility consultant consisting of utility locating, potholing to verify utility conflicts in the field using air/water vacuum excavation, mapping, and base plan development for existing utilities for an easy to use tool for design and field engineers.

ADCO's field services provides wet and dry utility verification, construction services such as concrete/asphalt cutting, coring, power washing, demolition and disposal, slot trenching, valve box cleanouts, and manhole cleanouts.

ADCO's engineering services provides utility mark outs, dry utility design, base plans, strategic planning, and value engineering.  ADCO has a A license, certified SLBE/ELBE with the City of San Diego, and qualified with SANDAG, Caltrans, CPUC, minority woman owned business under a joint venture with PCG Utility Consultants, Inc.

ADCO offers 24/7 response for all services. We are there when you call, on time.

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