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Stained Concrete, Metallic Epoxy, Broadcast Epoxy Systems, Sealed Concrete, Commercial Urethanes, Polished & Densified Concrete
1. Stained Concrete
1. Stained Concrete

Beautiful & Cost-Effective.

Stained concrete may very well be the most cost-effective yet spectacular looking and durable flooring solution. This perfect combination was at the foundation of our company in 2003. Over the years, we added many different systems and services, however, we will always have a special relationship with this ideal flooring system. 


Methods: Concrete can be stained using several different methods, depending on architect's specifications or project requirements.  Systems vary from simple pigments (dyes) to the spectacular results of the chemically reactive (aka acid stained) floors.  We work in close conjunction with the industry's leading manufacturers to guarantee the best results, regardless of system.