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Shrubs and Ground Cover Shrubs and Ground Cover Rio Bravo Sage (Leucophyllum langmaniae)
Agave, Yucca and Cacti Agave, Yucca and Cacti Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)
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Shrubs and Ground Cover Shrubs and Ground Cover Various Shrubs
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Founded In: 2009
Minority Business Enterprise

Our Story

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Here at Sunrise Nursery, LLC, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of drought-tolerant plant material for their residential, commercial, and municipal sustainable landscape projects.

Our ambition is to partner with them and offer the best customer service possible, thus helping them in the promotion and completion of their landscape projects.

Our staff ‘s objective is to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers by providing them the highest customer service, excellent plant material and practical plant knowledge so that they in turn can provide their customers with the outstanding customer service they desire and expect from them.

What distinguishes us from our competition is the following: 1) the desire to partner with our customers so that we can better understand their needs and 2) our integrity, which demonstrates our personal commitment to them.

We offer a level of knowledge and service other wholesale nurseries just can't offer. By combining our drought-tolerant plants and tolerant trees with experience in maximizing their use for beauty and functionality, we can help our customers realize their goal to improve appearance and create a sustainable, cost-effective landscape. We offer plant material toseveral states including Arizona, Clark County Nevada, Texas and California. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

What We Do

Products/Services Relating to Landscape Construction
Products/Services Relating to Landscape Materials & Equipment
Products/Services Relating to M.W.B.E.--Landscape Construction

Project Experience

Service Sector:
Public Private
Project Size:
From $500 to $100,000,000

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Associations & Memberships

Member of ACA (Arizona Contractors Assn.) ACA (Arizona Contractors Assn.)
Member of ALCA (Arizona Landscape Contractors Assn.) ALCA (Arizona Landscape Contractors Assn.)
Member of Arizona Nursery Assn. Arizona Nursery Assn.
Member of California Landscape Contractors Assn. California Landscape Contractors Assn.
Member of DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)