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Commercial Sign Crafters believes that design and creativity, based on your primary business objectives, is the key to developing successful sign and promotional programs.

A little history about Dave Sincoff, President of Commercial Sign Crafters. 

Dave has been involved in some phase of design for most of his working career. Armed with a BS in Graphic Design from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, Dave ventured into the world of advertising, design and production before computers were the primary tool. “Having to do everything by hand and utilizing found materials to produce ideas and mock-ups is actually a very rewarding experience and gives you an appreciation and foundation for design.”

Over the years Dave made the transition to computers and managed a larger pre-press operation that didn’t have a single computer when he arrived. Dave helped them develop a highly automated, electronic work flow. “In those days, hardware and software evolved at blazing speeds. It was a challenge to stay abreast of the changes.”

After further assignments in print production, management and sales, Dave decided to combine his design experience with his fascination of dimensional objects and technology to establish Commercial Sign Crafters.

“To be considered as part of our client’s team is really a privilege that requires us to refine our processes and make certain we’re being pro-active." 

"As industry experts we need to act consciously and bring new ideas to the table.”

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