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Baltimore, MD 21229

Company Info

  • Est. 1919
  • Annual Vol Undisclosed

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Our Story

Gordian Energy Systems is a solar PV EPC construction company and developer that provides energy efficient systems for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. The company is a national provider and installer of turnkey renewable energy and on-site distributed power generation systems. As an engineering, procurement and construction company, we assist our clients in navigating all the challenges facing a developed solar project. Gordian also often assists in late phase development activities helping find financing solutions and navigating local AHJs or utilities all focused on meeting the specific needs of its clients.

Our natural approach to problem solving through ingenuity, innovation and determination fit expertly with the challenges of solar installations. Be it regulatory, interconnecting, permitting, financing or constructing, we find creative solutions to complex challenges.

Gordian Energy’s foundation in construction knowledge comes from its heritage via Cole Roofing Company, a 100-year-old multi-generation commercial roofing company. Family owned since 1919, Cole Roofing supports Gordian with knowledge, ethics and dependability that clients’ value when they invest in a project that will benefit their organization with over 25 years of performance.

What We Do

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • Washington D.C.

Alabama All

Alaska All

Arizona All

Arkansas All

California All

Colorado All

Connecticut All

Delaware All

District Of Columbia All

Florida All

Georgia All

Hawaii All

Idaho All

Illinois All

Indiana All

Iowa All

Kansas All

Kentucky All

Louisiana All

Maine All

Maryland All

Massachusetts All

Michigan All

Minnesota All

Mississippi All

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Nebraska All

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New Hampshire All

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New Mexico All

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North Carolina All

North Dakota All

Ohio All

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Oregon All

Pennsylvania All

Puerto Rico All

Rhode Island All

South Carolina All

South Dakota All

Tennessee All

Texas All

Utah All

Vermont All

Virginia All

Washington All

West Virginia All

Wisconsin All

Wyoming All

Our CSI Codes

13 01 50 - Operation and Maintenance of Special Instrumentation
13 06 50 - Schedules for Special Instrumentation
13 08 50 - Commissioning of Special Instrumentation
13 53 13 - Solar Instrumentation
13 53 23 - Wind Instrumentation
23 56 13 - Heating Solar Collectors
23 56 13.13 - Heating Solar Flat-Plate Collectors
23 56 13.16 - Heating Solar Concentrating Collectors
23 56 13.19 - Heating Solar Vacuum-Tube Collectors
23 56 16 - Packaged Solar Heating Equipment
26 31 00.00.01 - Photovoltaic Collectors
26 32 23 - Wind Energy Equipment
34 43 23.16 - Airfield Wind Cones
42 12 23 - Solar Process Heaters
48 12 29 - Nuclear Fuel Electrical Power Plant Turbines
48 14 13 - Solar Energy Collectors
48 14 13.13 - Amorphous Solar Energy Collectors
48 14 13.16 - Plate Cell Solar Energy Collectors
48 14 13.19 - Vacuum Tube Solar Energy Collectors
48 15 13 - Windmills
48 15 16 - Wind Energy Electrical Power Generators
48 18 16 - Hydrogen Control Equipment
48 19 19 - Electrical Power Generation Solar Tracking Equipment

Project Experience

  • Non-Union
  • Public
  • Private
  • Projects From $2 to $2,000,000,000
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Associations & Memberships

ARCOM (Automated Construction & Building Specifications)
ARCOM (Automated Construction & Building Specifications)
ASA (American Subcontractors Assn.)
ASA (American Subcontractors Assn.)
NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Assn.)
NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Assn.)
MDV-SEIA (Maryland/DC/Virginia Solar Energy Industries Assn.)
MDV-SEIA (Maryland/DC/Virginia Solar Energy Industries Assn.)
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated Builders and Contractors

Preferred Brands

Carlisle Construction Materials
Carlisle Construction Materials
Garland Company Inc.
Garland Company Inc.
Johns Manville
Johns Manville
Stevens Roofing
Stevens Roofing
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