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Exterior Options, Inc. provides all exterior wall services including plastering, stucco, stone, natural and artificial stone,.

Martin has been in the industry for more then 30 years. During that time he has accomplished quite a bit. First and foremost, are his satisfied customers who see that Martin has established the correct mix of completing the job on time with not rushing the entire process. Martin works with materials that are weather sensitive. “You really cannot put up cement products when it’s below 30 degrees. It’s freezing; it’s water; it’s going to freeze. “The product will freeze and fail.” But don’t worry, Martin knows what he’s doing.

Master Applicator – “Get it done right the first time”

Master applicators for stone and stucco are hard to find. If you are experiencing stucco cracking, stone discoloration, stucco wet marks and problems with stone pops, chance are, you did not have a master applicator. Proper stucco installation starts with finding a master stucco or stone applicator. Stone applications take experience and knowledge to understand how each product is going to react to climate conditions and sealants. Exterior Wall has made a living off of stucco repairs, stucco remediation and installing proper stucco drainage systems to solve the most demanding stucco and stone problems.

United Stone Veneer – “I am a dealer for United Stone Veneer, which is the artificial stone/architectural stone.”

Our selction for stone is one of the best. We understand look and feel and can share over 30 years of experience to help pick the right stone for your job. Like all Exterior Wall Inc. installs, you can rest asure that it will be placed and installed right.

House Reconstruction – Wall Building Repairs

Martin also works with siding removal and replacement and adding new stucco systems to buildings in need of repair. “Let’s say a home that is 20 years old. It starts having some issues: larger cracking, it gets dirty; it gets old; it doesn’t look new anymore.” “We’ve been to homes and removed siding, and put up a whole new stucco system; changed the whole entire look.”

Parex  Wall Systems – Custom Wall Finishes

Parex Wall Systems are coatings and products for exteriors. “Typically,” Martin says they are “like a stucco that goes on the wall when we are done. It’s like the last step.” Martin can provide and install these specialty products, which are made in custom colors to match existing home or office building colors.

A Neat Example of Martin’s Work

Martin says he has worked with major chains including Wawa, Mission Barbecue, Planet Fitness. He tells a story, as his Irish accent deepens, of his experience at a Red Robin Restaurant. First, he noted, he needed to work with unique color mixes including an orange color and a deep red. Then the next challenge arrived, but Martin’s unique skills came in handy.

“There was supposed to be 14 pre-cast columns that went on back order and they couldn’t get them.”Martin went into high gear and not only created the necessary decorative moldings, but now he had an opportunity to manufacture and install custom made columns.”We were able to get them done in 2 days, and it meant they could have their grand opening.” On time; on schedule.

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