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General Information for:
Contract Sweeping Services

Phoenix, Arizona 85009
(602) 340-0593     (800) 647-9337

General Information for:
Contract Sweeping Services

Phoenix, Arizona 85009
(602) 340-0593     (800) 647-9337

About Contract Sweeping Services

Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Whatever Your Cleaning Needs, We Have You Covered

We’re committed to satisfying our customer’s diverse sweeping needs – construction sweeping, parking lot sweeping, street and highway sweeping, and attenuator services for roadwork crews.  Whatever sweeping service you need, we will take care of it quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with federal and state regulations.

We have become the fastest growing full service sweeping company on the West Coast, and one of the largest contracted municipal and highway sweeping companies in America.  Because of our multiple locations, we’re able to serve you throughout Arizona (Phoenix), Nevada (Sparks, Reno, and surrounding area) and California (Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Central Valley, Los Angeles).

Our Business Is Picking It Up

We take care of sweeping, pressure washing, and general cleanup, and we provide truck-mounted attenuators for road crew safety and more.  We are also partnered with Union affiliations for construction sweeping services.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, which employs the latest in High Dump technology, which means we dump directly into debris box or haulers.  Our fleet meets all state and federal environmental requirements and we help ensure contaminants are kept out of our waterways.  We use non-pollutant vacuum sweepers and fuel-efficient vehicles.  We pick it up and we do it right.

We Have Seasoned Proactive Sweeper Operators

Our team is skilled and proficient in all sweeping and cleanup operations:

  • Highway, street, and runway sweeping
  • Parking lot, garage, and HOA (Home Owners Association) sweeping
  • Construction sweeping
  • Track Out Sweep (controls the tracking out of dirt from unpaved areas to paved areas)
  • Chip seal, slurry, and micro-pave sweeping
  • Milling and grinding sweep (recovery of fine powders)
  • General cleanup and dust control
  • Special cleanups

Our professional operators are the best in the business with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customer. We’re ready to dispatch teams for your jobs 24/7 with the best equipment.  Not only will we be there when you want us, each of our locations has mechanics specialized in maintaining our heavy equipment to make sure our rigs are always operational.  We also have backup equipment ready and waiting.

Is Your Job Moving Out of the State?

Don’t worry.  If your job is moving out of state, we will travel with you.  (And you’ll want us there.)

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