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General Information for:
CM Solar Electric

San Diego, California 92126
(619) 843-4083     (619) 488-1117

General Information for:
CM Solar Electric

San Diego, California 92126
(619) 843-4083     (619) 488-1117

About CM Solar Electric

San Diego, California 92126

CM Electric AV Automations, is a Design build Contractor Based in San Diego California. Our unique service provide design build of Electrical and Audio Video Projects integrating Lighing design and Control in Automations Projects and Solar System Installation and Design.

Our principles have over 20 years  experience in designing through out the US . In addition CM Electric AV Automations Inc has put together a team of experienced and prominent Electrical, and automation professionals to oversee all aspects of the corporation. 

Our Projects include Custome Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Medical Offices, landscaping lighting design, Board Rooms, Commercial property as well as other mixed use projects and Full Solar Installations.

We understand the normal constraints of any project; budget, coordination, and time lines and we will  do our best to contribute to the success and completion of the project. 

Our emphasis has bean to always take care of our customers before, during and after the project is done, giving our customers the best waranty and customer service after the project assuring tha their project is fully completed and to their satisfaction has bean our goal for over 15 years that we have bean in business. 

Company Background

We are an Electrical contracting firm with over 20 year’s Experience in the trade.  Specializing in residential & Commercial Electrical installations, Custom Homes, Apartments, and all phases of the Electrical trade. Our company has extensive business experience and utmost dedication to our customer’s satisfaction.

CM Electric AV Automations/solar Inc

was established in 1999 to provide Electrical, low voltage and renewable energy solutions such as solar electric systems to help you Build your Home with the highest level of integration and green energy solutions that you desire.


We have over 25 years experience on the Electrica AV Field designing and creating full Automations to meet your needs and furthermore we have over 8 years of experience in the alternative energy industry, using current technologies and state of the art techniques to ensure the best possible solar electric system to meet the needs of our customers. We are a local company in Sam Diego California, providing service for the state of California. You can rest assured that CM Electric AV Automations/Solar Inc. will be in business to service your warranty.

Our Commitment to You

CM Electric AV Autmations/Solar commitment to the public is to design and install  electric system that best suits your family or business needs. By using our many years of experience in the Electrical, low voltages and alternative energy industry, current technologies, and state of the art techniques, we will ensure the best possible  electric system and solar system for you is installed.

Our Principals

Integrity, leadership, and accountability are only part of our principals. We only represent manufacturers that are proven to have excellent customer service, the most reliable products, and the least environmental impact during manufacturing. Our 100% customer satisfaction rating is our most important certification. We will not sacrifice it by representing manufacturers that do not share our high standards  on the Market.

Our Solution

We would like for everyone to be able to Automate theire lives and be energy independent and that includes you. Our solution will be presented to you in simple fashion; our engineering team is not allowed to do proposals. We warranty the simplicity of our proposal to make sense environmentally and economically. Your next door neighbors’ solutions is not necessary the right solution for you. We provide you with one-on-one attention from the initial visit to the last one.

For More information or to learn more about our services feel free to contact us:

(619)843-4083 or by email at


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