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L.D. Strobel Co. Inc.

Concord, California 94518
(925) 686-3241

A Commitment to Safety & Quality
At L. D. STROBEL CO. INC., our mission is to provide consistent and reliable design and construction of communication and other utility-based facilities. We maintain quality by fostering pride, motivation, and flexibility that is coupled with an effective organizational structure.

Delegation & Accountability

We always listen and answer our customer concerns, and are committed to providing a better value at fair prices. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we treat them with gratitude, dignity, and respect. By keeping current with technology, we're able to seize new opportunities and remain a strong force in our industry. This strategy calls for planned orderly growth with systems and procedures that enabled continued and improved effectiveness.

Reliable & Safe

With low overhead, we pass on the savings to our clients. You'll always receive our dependable services in an efficient manner. Even though we're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we always perform with the highest quality of workmanship. Our clients appreciate that we're available at a moment's notice, whether it's for a request or an emergency.

A Certified Small Business

You'll find that all of our towers are certified. We are ANRITSU and PIM test certified, with OSHA 10-hour Certification, CPR and First Aid certification, AutoCAD certified, and even state certified as electricians.

L.D. Strobel Co. Inc. began operating in June of 1987 as L.D. Strobel Co., a sole proprietorship. We are a Class B General Building and Electrical Contractor specializing in wireless, commercial, industrial and utility construction. Since that time we have experienced consistent growth. We incorporated in 1992, added key personnel, and expanded our scope of services to include A/E design, maintenance, service, and construction. We also expanded our range of clients, adding Federal, State and local governments as well as many new customers in private industry.  

Since 1987, the communications industry has exploded with opportunities in all areas. Although many of our competitors chose the road of exponential growth with varying degrees of success, we kept our growth to a manageable pace. This allowed us to accomplish long term goals: consistent cash flow management, yearly profit margins, consistent quality of service, and a growing client base. Our highly efficient, low overhead posture and a strong reputation for quality, positions us to remain highly competitive. Our business has remained consistent throughout fluctuations in our industry and the economy.

We have successfully completed over 5,000 projects, including sites from very remote mountaintops to occupied downtown San Francisco Office Buildings.

Many of these projects require construction in sensitive areas such as military bases, hospitals, main communications switching stations, airports, etc., as well as occupied office and apartment buildings. This requires special consideration for existing occupant criteria as well as meeting clients’ stringent design and construction specifications. 

We have contracted projects that require highly specialized construction methods including the use of helicopters, snow cats, RF and PIM test equipment, etc.  The nature of the work requires us to operate year-round in all types of environments, with all the necessary in-house, manpower, equipment, and test gear including rapid mobilization for emergencies.

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