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Direct Disposal is an independently owned company that was founded in 1999 to provide superiorcustomer service to Southern California . The company was founded by a waste industry veteran who has helped pioneer the industry for 38 years.

Direct Disposal began operation to service the construction and demolition market place to provide not only roll-off dumpsters but also recycling services. The mission of Direct Disposal is to provide unrivaled customer service and successfully integrate the recycling of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste. In 1989, California State Assembly had Bill 939 on the table which mandated 50% of a municipality’s waste stream must be diverted from sanitary landfills. Once the bill passed, recycling was to become state law. Direct Disposal was one of only a handful of hauling companies to identify this development and take action.

In 2003, Direct Disposal opened its C&D processing facility in East Los Angeles .The C&D facility is permitted by Calrecycle to process up to 174 tons a day of C&D waste. Today, more than 75% of all C&D waste delivered to the recycling facility is sorted into separate, reusable commodities. In fact, our current recycling rate meets the AB939 recycling goals set for the year 2020.

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