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San Diego, California 92108
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Debris Box can provide service in the City of San Diego, National City and the unincorporated area of San Diego County. In the other sixteen cities of San Diego County, we can provide service to jobs that are funded by the State of California such as public schools and CalTrans.

You may ask why the other sixteen cities in San Diego County restrict your choice of trash hauler. Well, it boils down to money – a franchise fee is built into the fee schedule authorized by each city. The State of California has authorized cities to have exclusive franchises for trash hauling. Sixteen cities in San Diego County have decided to exercise that right and select your trash hauler for you. They also collect a franchise fee from the hauler. (This is one way that cities and counties sneak a tax on ratepayers without putting the tax on the ballot.)

If your job site is located in one of these sixteen cities and you are upset about not being able to choose your hauler, or negotiate price or payment terms or service level, please contact the elected officials and city managers in these cities. At annual renewal time, they usually report that there are no complaints about the trash hauler that they selected for you. So, please be on record as wanting the right to choose your hauler and preferring competition among haulers.

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