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Metal Roof Company™ was established in 1993 to provide high-quality architectural metal roofing installations for public, commercial and residential construction projects throughout northern California. Since the beginning, our focus has been to provide the highest level of craftsmanship and materials for the expanding metal roofing and siding market.

Metal Roof Company™ has completed a wide range of unique and challenging installations, ranging from airport terminals, public schools and office buildings, to retail developments large and small, custom residential homes and out-buildings.

he following information provides a brief sample of products and services that we provide.

Metal Roof Company™ specializes in the  supply and installation of metal roofing and siding products and associated standard and custom components. We only install metal roofing! All of our installers are trained for the specific skills required for the best possible installation quality.

Metal roofing products that we specialize in are listed below:

  • Standing-Seam Metal Roofing – A flat metal panel with thin inter-locking seams every 12" to 24" in width. All panels and trim components secured to structure utilizing concealed fasteners and clip assemblies. Standing-seam roof systems are recommended for roof slopes of 3:12 or greater and provide superior performance in high-wind and rain or snow environments.
  • Batten-Seam Metal Roofing – Standing-seam panels with snap-on batten seam covers ranging in widths from 2" wide to 3" wide. Provides a more pronounced standing-seam appearance. Performance of batten-seam roofing is very similar to standing-seam systems.
  • Corrugated Metal Roofing/Siding – Conventional metal roofing panels in widths ranging from 24" to 40" wide panels manufactured in a variety of profiles ranging from 2-1/2" corrugated (wavy appearance) to box-rib style panels with trapezoidal ribs. Corrugated metal systems are recommended for roof slopes of ½:12 or greater. Exterior and interior metal siding and related work.
  • Radius Metal Roofing – Batten-seam metal roofing curved to radius (round) roof structures. Panels are factory or field curved.
  • Custom Metal Fabrication – Shop fabrication of all components including gutter systems, fascias, soffits, and louvers in-house.
  • Metal Building and Custom Steel Structures – Large and small pre-engineered metal buildings and custom built metal structures.


Metal Roofing Materials Information:

Natural Metal Products – The advantage to natural metal roofing products (copper, zinc, cor-ten, etc.) is that the completed roof system will only improve in appearance over time. Additionally, most natural products have a very long service life, having the potential to out-last the structure for which they are installed.

  • Copper – 16 and 20 ounce corrugated and standing-seam profiles, roofing and siding, available with factory or field applied patina. Cooper roofing is bright and shiny when new (like a new penny), but quickly turns to a bronze-red patina within 2-weeks exposure, faster when in close proximity to salt air. Typically, coastal projects will turn to a green patina within three weeks of exposure. Pure copper gutters in standard or custom profiles are available with copper down spouts. Filed applied chemical patinas provide a wide range of color choices, ranging from deep red-purples to light-dark greens. Copper is a soft metal and will experience some degree of " oil-canning" which is a wavy appearance in the flat portion of the roof panels. This is not a defect, but a characteristic of copper roofing, and usually becomes less apparent following the effects of weathering.
  • Zinc – 0.7 and 0.8-mm thickness, corrugated and standing-seam profiles, roofing and siding, available with factory applied patina. Zinc roofing is bright and shiny when new (similar to bright stainless steel of aluminum appearance), but quickly turns to a light gray appearance depending of local environmental conditions. Factory applied or pre-aged patinas can be provided, producing colors ranging from light gray to charcoal-black.
  • Cor-ten – 22 and 18 gauge, corrugated and standing-seam/batten-seam profiles, roofing and siding. Cot-ten steel is a heavy steel product that turns very quickly to a rust-red appearance.
  • Stainless Steel – 26 and 24 gauge, corrugated and standing-seam/batten-seam profiles, roofing and siding. Stainless steel is available in a variety of brushed finishes ranging from shiny bright to dull gray.
  • Zincalume and Galvalume – Corrosion resistant zinc coatings applied to most steel panels. Zincalume has an appearance similar to conventional galvanized metal but with smaller "spangling" and less shiny appearance.

Colored Metal Products:

  • Steel – 30 to 16 gauge available. Corrugated and standing-seam/batten-seam profiles. Simulated shingle and tile profiles are also available. Standard color finishes as well as custom colors are available.
  • Aluminum – Similar thick nesses as steel panels with same panel profile and color options.


Metal Roof Company™ is authorized to install a wide variety of metal roofing and siding systems. Examples of Manufactures, roof systems, and material and color choices that are regularly utilized on our projects can be seen at the following Web sites.


Metal Roof Company™ provides complete metal roofing and siding services including:

  • Design assistance and consulting
  • Shop drawings and detailing
  • Custom material selection and procurement
  • Scheduling and project management coordination
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Maintenance and repair

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