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California Gold

One of nature’s oldest building materials, ROCK, is still the material of choice for today’s builders and landscape architects. From modern to rustic, this unique granite offers a rich golden tan color that is practical, durable and offers an aesthetic integrity to any landscape. Unique deposits in California’s Monterey Bay Area offer an abundant source of California Gold, and we offer you a complete product line from decomposed fines to wall rock to dramatic accent boulders.

California Gold Sources:

Since 1946, the Felton Quarry has provided quality aggregates to the construction industry. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the
quarry’s quality control, quick load-outs, and availability of product, has helped maintain our reputation with materials customers throughout
Northern California. When Granite opened the Handley Ranch Quarry in 2006, just south of Salinas, California, we encountered the same aesthetically pleasing color and quality aggregates found at the Felton Quarry. With the increased availability of California Gold, we can meet the needs for California Gold products well into the future.

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