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PCI Shrinkwrap Services is the authority in shrink-wrap containment solutions. By utilizing various materials and application methods, we can design containments to last for different durations, depending on customer and application needs. In business since 1984, PCI has the experience to execute your project safely and effectively. 

Shrink-Wrap Containment Has Far-Reaching Benefits

At PCI, when we use the term "shrink-wrap services" we mean total encapsulation of a structure undergoing renovation or maintenance. We do this by wrapping the structure with a heavy-duty plastic film, then heat-shrinking the film to form a tight skin over the structure. This film forms a strong barrier between the interior of the structure and its outside environment. Our shrink-wrap services provide cost-saving alternatives to owners, general contractors, and other specialty contractors.

Schedule Reduction

  • Weather delays extend construction schedules. A shrink-wrapped structure allows crafts to continue working within enclosures that keep out rain, high winds and other bad weather elements. Sunshine filters through to enhance visibility.
  • Manpower from multiple trades can perform work simultaneously.
  • If exterior work is being performed, shrink-wrap protects the structure from outside damage.
  • PCI can contain and acclimatize a structure to increase the cure time of various materials such as concrete, drywall mud, spray-on fireproofing, caulking, sheetrock, joint compound and various paint applications.
  • Increased productivity in cold climates.
  • Reduces overall schedule and project costs by allowing work to be performed despite weather conditions.
  • Minimizes the exposure of construction materials to water/ice in bad weather.

Minimized Safety Risks

  • Full containment during abatement projects means reduced exposure to hazardous materials and a healthier and safer working environment.
  • Loose decking, objects or materials that may fall during repairs can be contained, reducing risks for loss and liability concerns.
  • Risks associated with working on swing stages in the wind and rain are minimized.
  • Shrink-wrapping enhances the integrity and stability of the scaffold.
  • Shrink-wrap material is fire-retardant, minimizing fire hazards.

Reduced Project Visibility

  • Shrink-wrapped structures minimize work exposure to the adjacent building occupants, general public, regulatory agencies, etc.
  • Crafts are less hampered by outside distractions, resulting in higher productivity.

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