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Brik-Art evolved from a vacuum in the decorating industry and originated with an innovator's quest to re-create the appearance of brick masonry work--in a light-weight, user-friendly application designed initially for non-professionals, while targeting home owners, that was essentially two-dimensional -- decades before brick mason manufacturers had even recognized that entrepreneurs had discovered a niche they'd overlooked. The earliest experiments, years before the launching of the venture, and subsequent early generation interior-only products, developed through the time-tested means of market analyses, customer feedback, and trial-and-error, and from this mix of off-the-shelf and customized ideas a commercial need for this type of masonry work emerged. As a pioneering firm in the industry, preceeding veneers since produced by major clay-based manufacturers, our conscientious dedication to detail replication, devotion to realism as evidenced by the wide array of colors and corner availability, continues to define our profile.

Brik-Art, a Los Angeles, California corporation, is a manufacturing and masonry contracting firm dedicated to setting the very highest standards of quality service in most sectors of masonry design and implementation. Our distinctive product line of brick veneer, distinguished by its unparalleled array of corner pieces and color selection, coupled with our versatility in furnishing installation expertise, has fueled the company's growth by building a solid base of satisfied customers. We specialize in conceiving creative ideas and imaginative solutions for projects that range from the mundane to the magnificent. Since 1971 the company has offered imaginative solutions and problem-solving ideas throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley by means of innovative fabrications and unique applications through superior service.

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