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Southwest V-Ditch, Inc.

Riverside, California 92501
(951) 781-4303

If you're like most people looking to hire a shotcrete company, you're probably hoping you won't blow your budget on one that takes too long, surprises you on the invoice, and leaves you with less than beautiful concrete work.

Southwest V-Ditch protects you from these problems with a large, experienced crew, strict scheduling, and a quote for the whole job up front.

Here's how your job gets done right

We bring you an experienced, professional crew. Our certified nozzlemen belong to teams that have worked together over 15 years. Our guys practically talk to each other by just thinking. Uneven and hard to reach surfaces don't scare us. We clean up after ourselves, too.

We bring the right equipment

Our specialized profile backhoe buckets dig the correct shape with one pass. This means less time spent digging.

Let's say you need v-ditch on a dangerous hillside, we'll bring our Minzimuck Spider Backhoe - it climbs right up and doesn't fall back down.

Your job gets done on time

We pull this off by scheduling ahead of time and using our experience to determine how long your job will take. We'll go over it with you in detail. You might be thinking "anyone can say this," but remember that our competitors don't have our crews or experience. We check things out before we start and compare to our long list of previous projects. You get the right amount of people with the proper training for your job.

No surprises on your invoice

You sign off on our accurate quote before we start. Any change requires your signature on an official change order.

Our Mission: To serve the construction industry with the most efficient and cost-effective shotcrete solutions to the most demanding drainage and earthquake retrofitting challenges. We're in Southern California, right where the action is. We put drainage ditches in the hills of Orange County and work on the White Water Channel in Palm Springs. But if you need work out of state, we'll meet you there.

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