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Riviera Building & Development, Inc.

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Newport Beach, California 92660
(949) 719-2570

Riviera Building & Development, Inc. was established in 2004 in Newport Beach, CA by Kyle Nelson who currently serves as President/CEO.

The company is founded on the principle that the development and construction of successful projects is a collaborative process. In keeping with this principle the company seeks to add value to each project by bringing a proactive problem solving approach to the team. 

Since its establishment, the company has operated as both a general contractor and construction/development consultant for various projects in Southern California. Those projects have included hospitality/hotel, residential, and retail development. 

The career experience of the company’s executive management covers more than 20 years and a wide variety of projects including high rise luxury condominiums, hospitality/hotels, retail, renovations, private schools, office, industrial, restaurant, and tenant improvements. These projects range in value from one hundred thousand dollars to one hundred million dollars with many of them completed on a design/build basis.

We strive to operate our company in a highly efficient manner through the use of technology and streamlined operational procedures. This approach allows us to be flexible in working with our clients to suit their individual project needs and in turn providing them the best value for a particular project.

View our company magazine: http://bit.ly/RivieraBD_Magazine

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