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Vickers Concrete Sawing, Inc.

San Jose, California 95112
(800) 266-6122

Vickers has been providing California construction and facilities and industries with the best level of services in our business since 1968.

Being the SERVICE people means that we know you need it done right the first time, on time! 


Vickers Concrete Sawing, Inc. provides services in the following four lines of business: 

  • Concrete Sawing. Using diamond blades, we cut flat work such as slabs and roadways to virtually any depth in any hard material. This diamond sawing is usually done to facilitate trenching to install or replace utilities, repairs to the road or other surfaces, or for for the removal of the surface. We also perform wall sawing to provide or expand openings in structures made of concrete and other hard materials. These openings may be used for doors, windows, mechanical, and other purposes. 

  • Core Drilling. Using diamond core drills, we bore perfectly round holes in concrete, rock, or other masonry to allow for the installation of plumbing, mechnaical, electrical, communication or other utilities. Core drilling is also used to provide round openings for seismic retrofit and other upgrade work., It can even provide a means to cut large and irregular openings by line coring (also called stitch drilling) around the perimeter, in which a series of core holes are connected together in a straight line or curve. 

  • Demolition and other. Vickers Concrete Sawing, Inc. also operates a variety of equipment from handheld impact and drilling tools to hydraulic rams on bobcats. We can also provide diamond grinding and other surface preparation work. When the material that we cut or core needs to be removed, you'll be dealing with a company that can get your job done.

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