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San Jose, California 95132
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All Day Cable, Inc. was originally established in 1990, as Data Networks, by Darrell Lawson and Rochele M. Lawson. 
These individuals had a vision in mind to be the premier Telecommunications Installation company in California, for all end users, by providing quality telecommunications installation services at a cost efficient price to the customer. In their effort at being the premier telecom installation company, they knew that in order to make customers happy, the "Right Connections" had to be made at  all times to ensure quality operations.   They also knew that exceptional customer service and meeting project deadlines were a must.   As Data Networks transcended into All Day Cable, Inc., Darrell and Rochele continue to operate under the original vision. 
As we move further into the 21st century it is clear to us at All Day Cable, Inc., that all companies must be informed and kept abreast of the latest technological changes that are occurring. 
At All Day Cable, Inc. we are prepared to exceed your expectations by providing to you, the customer, the highest quality of telecommunication services that any company has to offer. 
Let All Day Cable, Inc. be your 1st choice when you want/need quality telecommunications installation service. 
Our motto is "We Make the Right Connections" and we want to make them for you! 

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