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NORCAL Voice and Data has been in Business since April of 2001. Owned and Operated by Theresa DeCarvalho at its inception, NORCAL is a very small minority of Women Owned Businesses (WBE) in the C-7 low voltage data communication arena.

NORCAL had the huge challenge, and uphill battle of substantiating itself as a technical services organization just as the dot com bubble burst.

By having a two pronged approach to its services, C-7 contracting coupled with technical services for small to mid-size businesses, NORCAL navigated through the worst technical bubble burst in history. Countless technical companies folded over the following years, creating the toughest marketplace ever for technology based companies; NORCAL survived.

Charles Davidson, the C-7 license holder for NORCAL, worked for three years as a contractor for Pacific Bell and five years as an employee. During that time he was part of an 8 person team which managed 423 NT servers over 7 states. This multi master domain covered their corporate headquarters in Bishop Ranch, San Francisco, Southern California, and Sacramento. During his tenure at Pacific Bell Charles managed logistics and implementations of infrastructure in data centers, deployment and configuration of workstations and servers, while learning the standards and design of corporate data networks.

NORCAL’s mission is to increase the value of our clients’ critical business systems by customizing technical solutions for their specific requirements. This delivers more flexibility, productivity, and reliability and helps clients that need technical assistance. By leveraging emerging technologies to work for our clients, their business evolves with it, resulting in less stress and more confidence in their business systems. It is our philosophy that helping others with their technical needs, we are actually helping ourselves through cooperation and collaboration.

Our programs include network design during the architecture phase, as well as project management during the implementation. Based on our years of experience we become an invaluable resource to clients who are embarking on relocation, upsizing or downsizing. Simply put, we can point out critical issues that need to be addressed at critical stages of the construction process relative to timelines and critical phases of progress. Certain critical infrastructure requirements need to be addressed at the appropriate junctures, or costly changes are levied against the client. That’s where NORCAL shines, adding tremendous value to a deployment by leveraging over a decade of technical construction experience, and sharing that with our clients.

We also offer NETWORK Management services for companies who don’t necessarily need or want a full time IT staff. The advantages of this type of program is not only monetarily advantageous to the client, it also affords the client to access the expertise of professionals in different disciplines. Typically, a single IT professional can only learn so much, and that learning is usually in one or two specific fields, limiting their expertise to Servers and Workstations for example. While engaging NORCAL you have experts in Servers and Workstations, but you also gain access to Phone Systems Experts, Access Control, Cabling, Audio Visual, Switch and Firewall Programmers, Web site and Social Media Experts as well as remote and mobility experts. So as you can see, engaging a team of technically experienced technicians in multiple fields at a fraction of the cost for FTE’s, positions businesses much more strategically thus increasing their technical ROI.

NORCAL has a great history of providing its core services to clients for many years. Some clients have been with us for over a decade being with us from almost the start. This is a testament to the core values of NORCAL. We believe in increasing the value to our clients striving to deliver more than what they bargained for. We believe this time tested principal of doing our best to give more than we receive is why NORCAL has made it through the toughest financial and business time in our history, and with your help, we will do our best to keep it that way.

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