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Herritage Creek Condominium Association: Asphalt Replacement Restoration

Scope Of Work:

Structural Technologies was retained by the Client to perform field testing of the asphalt pavement to establish existing construction, stone base and subsoils beneath the pavement to develop pavement specifications. Structural Technologies specifications defined slope to drain requirements to increase drainage capacity, outlined restoration material and procedures required by the Contractor. Structural Technologies also provided project inspection services and pay request processing to further manage the restoration project.

Picture 1: Structural Technologies preliminary investigation and photographic documentation of the existing conditions to establish concrete curbing requiring repair and areas of poor or inadequate drainage. All sections of concrete gutter curb and barrier curb requiring removal and replacement and were itemize and the total linear feet of concrete curb replacement provided both to the Client and Contractor. Structural Technologies confirmed that the Contractor had subcontracted a licensed land surveyor to analyze the asphalt, marking areas requiring additional excavation to create positive slope to existing drain /retention areas. The inspection confirmed that the existing ground and crushed stone underlayment was compacted with a vibratory or tandem roller to compact the soil(s) and existing aggregate base. The aggregate had been uniformly compacted throughout all areas in accordance with the published Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) requirements and not be less than ninety-five (95%) percent standard proctor density (ASTM D698).

Picture 2: Where concrete barrier curb, gutter curb, drive apron or walkway are scheduled for removal and replacement, the sub-grade stone aggregate was compacted to achieve not less than six (6.0) inches of crushed CA-6 stone base. Confirmation that the Contractor had completed the installation of control joints in curbs at intervals not greater than ten feet where new continuous curbs are cast / formed to replace larger sections of the existing curb.

Picture 3: Verification of the installation of the bituminous base course of asphalt pavement directly over the prime coated aggregate base. Structural Technologies verified that the installation of the three and one-half (3.5) inches of compacted hot mix asphalt base binder course being leveled and compacted to achieve a uniform depth throughout all areas. Following the application and compaction of the base course, the contractor shall apply a tack coat of asphalt cut-back emulsion to the surface of the base layer of asphalt pavement.

Picture 4: Structural Technologies final inspection included the itemization and generation of all punch list items requiring correction by the Contractor prior to project close out procedures. All identified unfinished or unsatisfactory items requiring repair were provided both to the Contractor and the Client in the form of a formal punchlist.

Approx Contract: Not Provided
Completion: Jan 2015