Featured Project

Watervliet Iron Filtration Plant

Scope Of Work:

Longstanding issues within both the City  Watervliet and Watervliet Charter Township water systems led to a feasibility study which identified the need for the construction  an Iron Filtration Plant and water main improvements in and around the Pokagon Heights area. A  water agreement was negotiated between the City and Township to transfer the entire system to the City in exchange for rate parity for Township customers. The mutual benefits for all proved worthy  two significant grant awards: United States Department  Agriculture - Rural Development (USDA - RD) and the State   Treasury Department’s Competitive Grant Assistance Program (CGAP).

The IFP was constructed around the City’s existing well that was previously in a deteriorated structure. A 2,800 square foot building was sized to allow for two additional filters to accommodate future demands.  lab equipment will facilitate proper system testing and monitoring.