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Established in 1991 by seasoned professionals, Ranger Construction, Inc. is determined to create a solid dependable company to provide unequaled service in general contracting. Ranger Construction Inc. is licensed as a general contractor and provides design/build services along with a wide-range of other construction services. Our company has designed, installed and serviced projects, which include: office improvements, clean rooms, computer rooms, environmental chambers, manufacturing facilities, biotech laboratories, environmental rooms and much more. Responsiveness to customer's specialized needs and high quality service is a priority and our continued mission which has resulted in lasting alliances with our clients. 




Ranger Construction is a General Contracting firm dedicated to providing our clients high quality service and long-term value. Our diverse construction portfolio consists of a wide array of clean rooms, electronics manufacturing, biomedical and pharmaceutical facilities, data and processing centers, research laboratories as well as office and retail buildings throughout Northern California. We offer a practical approach to every type of building construction.

From building shell to tenant improvements, we are committed to excellence regardless of the complexity of the project. Our first priority is assuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and value. As a result, we forge lasting alliances with our clients.

At Ranger, we realize the critical importance of schedule. That is why, from simple service calls to large, intricate projects with many phases and disciplines, each member of our Ranger Construction team works together to execute on time and on budget. Our Project Managers and field superintendents are skilled professionals who earn your trust through hard work and clear communication.

Paying careful attention to detail has produced a high percentage of repeat clients for our firm. We understand that functionality, aesthetics, budget and operational costs are integral parts of the design and construction process. Therefore, a dedicated Project Manager will work directly with the client and design professionals to control all of a project's activities throughout the entire period of the firm's service. We approach the design/build delivery method with a spirit of cooperation and always put our client’s best interests first. From concept through commissioning, detailed guidance ensures steady progress of the delivery team.

At Ranger Construction, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide general contracting services with a fresh approach, value driven ideas and an unswerving focus on quality. We train our personnel to proactively identify and address concerns before they become problematic. Our easily accessible Project Managers are at the core of our strong, regular, and friendly customer relations. With Ranger Construction, you will experience the highest customer satisfaction with the successful completion of each construction project.




Companies are continuously responding to the rapid changes taking place today's market.  Office space may need to be reconfigured to accommodate personnel changes, a new lab or clean room may need to be added to expand research and development capabilities, or an entire new facility may be required. As companies strive to maintain their competitive edge, physical modification of facilities takes on increased significance. When time is critical, a versatile general contractor with the ability to collaborate with the appropriate designer can effectively reduce risk.

Ranger Construction is a general contractor that will effectively combine design engineering and construction services into one.  This approach allows companies to shorten the time from the inception of a project until its successful completion. Risk is diminished because your company's facilities needs are fulfilled sooner.

Ranger Construction works closely with their clients and design professionals, suggesting alternative solutions and cost-effective approaches for meeting budget and schedule requirements. Ranger's thorough knowledge of component building systems and how they impact constructability enable us to guide the team through detailed preconstruction and value analysis exercises to create an asset best suited to your needs and with the highest long-term value.  The design-build program offers the following advantages:

  • Coordinated project management
  • Accurate project budgets
  • Project continuity from design through construction
  • Complete labor and material estimates
  • Increased interaction between Designers, Engineers and mechanics
  • Reduction in vendor selection time
  • Shorter lead time from design to construction

Our approach is proven successful by the design and completion of the following recent projects:

  • Office Renovations
  • Class 1 to Class 10,000 Clean Room Construction
  • Manufacturing Facility Improvements
  • Chilled Water Plant Construction
  • Parks and Recreation Beautification




Ranger Construction has the corporate capability to provide a complete range of turnkey construction services.

  • General Construction
  • Specialty Construction
  • Retrofits
  • Clean rooms
  • Lab Buildouts
  • Restaurants
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Engineering Civil Structural Electrical




In addition to superior general construction services, we use our construction expertise to provide a full range of construction management support. These include:

Preliminary Preparation

  • CPM Scheduling
  • Budget Analysis
  • Value Analysis
  • Building Evaluation
  • Subcontractor Pre-qualification

Construction Support

  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Material Tracking
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation

By coordinating multiple disciplines, we ensure that the highest quality of service is delivered.  Our comprehensive approach permits us to tailor our construction management services to the particular needs and objectives of our clients.  We have established our construction management philosophy on three operating principles:

Control Building Costs

  • Conduct life cycle analysis survey - to prepare an operating plan for the project
  • Plan specifically includes a detailed budget and maintenance plan

Maintain and Enhance Customer Service

  • Provide a cooperative environment and superior building services
  • Minimize corrective service calls through the use of proactive maintenance programs in conjunction
       with timely and constructive response to service requests
  • Implement informational procedures to ensure that management regularly addresses
       customer concerns

Provide Superior Managerial and Technological Support

  • Provide managers with high quality managerial and technological support systems
  • Strong support network to on-site personnel




STAGE 1: Budgeting

  • An initial project budget will be developed and all changes will be tracked against this budget.

STAGE 2: Pre-Construction Schedule

  • A comprehensive schedule of all identified activities will be presented on project management software.  The schedule will be used to drive the timely completion of tasks in their proper sequence.

STAGE 3: Confirm Scope

  • Value proposals will be solicited from key team members, analyzed with respect to project integrity, and acted upon.

STAGE 4: Contractor Selection

  • Develop a qualified team of in-house staff and outside contractors necessary to effectively execute the project scope

STAGE 5: Finalize Construction Schedule

  • Set the final construction schedule, including all furniture, equipment, materials and data services.  Lead preconstruction coordination meeting with subcontractors and vendors.

STAGE 6: Management Supervision

  • Implement and manage the complete construction sequence as defined by the schedule.

STAGE 7: Coordination with Client's support vendors

  • Special attention will be given during commissioning to properly support the new space.
  • Work with furniture installers, food service, facilities and janitorial to ensure a smooth move to the new facility

STAGE 8: Post Move Follow-up

  • Have all necessary team members available when client occupies the new space.  Implement post occupancy evaluation procedures to assure satisfactory punch-list completion.




The purpose of Ranger Construction's safety program is to minimize risk and increase efficiency by ensuring a safe working environment.  The guiding principles of our program are:         

  • All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable
  • Abide by all federal, state and local regulations as they pertain to construction
  • The corporate culture of safety is a management responsibility
  • Construction and operating exposures can be prudently mitigated
  • Line management has a responsibility to continually train employees to work safely
  • Preventing injuries and incidents is good business
  • Working safely is a condition of employment

Our in-house Safety Officer is responsible for enforcing the safety program on a daily basis.  The Safety Officer, as well as many Ranger employees, is trained in First Aid/CPR, excavation and trenching, and the hazardous communication program.  Further the Safety Officer is also responsible for enforcing:

  • Documented weekly safety education and awareness meetings
  • Inspections of job-sites to make immediate corrections of any unsafe conditions
  • Orientation and safety briefings for all new employees
      (including employees transferred from other job-sites)
  • Appropriate use of personal protective equipment
  • Proper operation of tools and equipment

“If you think safety is expensive, try ignorance." "Never give safety a day off."

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