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Founded In: 1993

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Serving the Pacific Northwest since 1994!

As an acoustical engineering and consulting services, we are an omniscient noise control specialist on the ball to meet the needs of our clients residing in populous areas such as in city governments, county governments, and state governments, even in environmental landscapes, mines, schools, hospitals, churches, and the confines of the home.

Our know-how in Architectural Acoustical engineering, allows us to offer noise and vibration measurement techniques for troubleshooting, analyzing and designing resolution for floor-ceiling assembly’s issues.

Our knowledge in measurements of reverberation time (RT60), technique with the evaluation of room geometry, analysis and calculations of room surfaces, sound absorption coefficients, reflectivity, and investigation of transmission/refraction of room inside the surfaces, allow us to solve problems of echoing, standing waves, access noise level, and speech intelligibility concerns in the interior space. This service is made for schools, gyms, churches, and theaters.

Our licensed acoustical engineers and the rest of our consultants propose an acoustical Sound Transmission Class (STC) measurement for walls, floor/ceiling assemblies, doors, and windows. We provide Impact Isolation Class (IIC) analysis to better detect the effects of noise from building partitions in sites vulnerable to airborne noise. 


  • Community noise assessment and noise impact study
  • Noise evaluation of potential building sites. The results of this evaluation indicate the degree of noise isolation which should be provided by the building envelope on a particular site.
  • Transportation noise control.


  • Acoustical planning of sites and buildings.
  • Sound isolation in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; specification of construction materials and methods to meet the targeted acoustical performance.
  • Room geometry and acoustical treatment for music rehearsal halls, studios (film, television, sound recording), auditoriums, dance studios, conference rooms, cinemas, concert halls and theatres
  • Preparation of design, construction drawings and specifications for spaces in which acoustics are of primary importance


  • Noise and vibration control for mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Evaluation of the working environment in industries with regards to occupational hearing loss. Recommendations of noise control measures to comply with regulations and bylaws.


  • Sound reduction from both external and internal sources
  • Noise Control in floor-ceiling assemblies in multiples story buildings
  • Vibration control in buildings and manufacturing
  • Bringing industrial and commercial sites to comply with noise regulations


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