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Most of our clients have been around the block a few times. This isn’t likely your first rodeo, and experience has taught you some lessons, both good and bad. The decision between buying or building a new home and remodeling your existing home has become complicated by other important life decisions. You’re here because you’re searching for resources to help you make the best decision for now, and for the future.

You want an adaptable home so you won’t have to worry about changing your address time life throws changes in your direction. You are a reasonably-to-well-educated person, ranging in age from mid 30’s to 80’s. You likely pressure yourself to excel in all areas of life including family, career, and hobbies. You realize your time is your most valuable asset and strive to make the most of everything. Your attention to detail is incredible, and you understand the importance of honest communication and taking pride in one’s work.

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