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Collin College Data Cabling

Project Location:
McKinney, TX


Shane Ammons - Exec. Director ATNS (972) 881-5769
Collin College

Scope Of Work

The District requires the use of PANDUIT products for all campus locations unless other-wise approved by the District Director of Telecommunications or the District Telecommunications Project Manager. No substitutions without prior written notice will be allowed. Any installation not following the requested specifications will be re-installed with the correct materials and in a professional manner at the expense of the vendor. The District requires the use of PANDUIT products following the T568B wiring model with high density jacks, Category 3, Category 5/5e, and Category 6e rated jacks and the use of a 6 position or 12 position wall mount faceplate and/r 2 position surface mount boxes where applicable.

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