Our Licenses

We have the following licenses.

Issuer: state of colorado
Qualifier: charles thermidor
Expiration: September 30, 2020
Not Provided
Qualifier: Not Provided
Expiration: Not Provided

Our Certifications

We have the following certifications.

Issuer: state oc colorado
Qualifier: charles thermior
Expiration: September 30, 2020

Our Insurance Coverage

We have the following insurance coverage relationships.

America Family Insurance
danlel kane
aurora, CO. 80012
Policy Type Amount Expiration Date
General Liability $2,000,000 09/26/18
Auto Liability Not Provided 11/28/18

Safety Record & Training

We have an internal employee who is our safety contact.

In-house Safety Contacts:

CT Electrical Services Charles Thermidor
Charles Thermidor
Years in the construction industry:
Overall Years as a Safety Officer:
Current Years spent as Safety Officer:

Banking References:

wells fargo
charles thermidor
aurora, Colorado 80012