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OAKLAND Theatrical Lighting

Oakland , PA
Scope Of Work:

The scope of our project was to install all the anchors for the wire that would hold the light strings from building to building on the busy road of Oakland Ave, both North and South. It was a challenge. The biggest challenge came when we just completed installing the light strings on the North side of the road with a plan to come the following day to hook up the last string of lights and turn power and we got a call in the morning from the architect who had gone to take pictures of our completed work. To her surprise all our work was on ground and pilled up on the other side. Someone vandalized our work. As a result we had to redo the work all over again.

The solution we suggested was to raise the anchors  more further up. That worked very well and we were able to complete all the work before their big event of celebration of the lights. Client was very happy with every work and effort we put to make it work for them.

Client Reference:
Nina Chase - Principal
Merrit Chase
Owner: Oakland Business Improvement District
Architect: Merrit Chase
General Contractor: None
Approx Contract: $30,000
Completion: Mar 2019