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Founded In: 2015
Size: 1-4 Employees
Annual Vol: Undisclosed

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Commercial Grading and Excavating Specialists!

Welcome to Our Vision,

We all live, survive and thrive in a very dynamic constantly changing environment. And history has always been made by the entities that had the most forward thinking, progressive and ambitious of ideas. We know that our clients understand this, and work very hard to make the most of every opportunity that they are presented with, and in order to serve them best, we too must adopt this ideology and ultimate rejection of meritocracy. The foundation of our name, Masterwork, is the embodiment of every essence that we have weaved into our portfolio to be. We do not cut corners to make a project completed faster. We will never sacrifice the safety of our employees, pedestrians, or environment, period. We will never settle for tolerances that were not mutually agreed upon by ourselves, the engineers we work with, and most importantly our clients in order to maximize profit. We take very seriously the special and unique opportunity we are given to help those who want to create what matters most to them, and order to do so, work with us in order to literally reshape the earth. From moving mountains, to digging lakes, every bid we submit, bucket we scoop, and reality we create is done so to the highest of not only industry standards, but of personal standards. Heavy civil construction is not easy, we understand that, which is why we try and promote the typical “service provider and client relationship” beyond the numbers and analytical data that most are defined by to something greater- a unity and partnership of trust, integrity, and respect that lasts a lifetime. We do that.

At Masterwork, our team is very goal orientated lead by strong individuals who carry out the values our company was founded on. We have created a culture that goes beyond ensuring proper internal and external communication will not only survive, it will flourish. This collaborative teamwork effort will ensure that we have the highest safety standard protocols, we will do our absolute best to ensure every project we embark on will be completed ahead of schedule, and under budget, and that ultimately our customer return rate will be one hundred percent, we will not settle for anything less than absolute excellence.  We use the most progressive advances in technology, the most sound and proven techniques in marketing, well still providing a focus on our clients that is unparalleled in our very competitive industry. Our mission is to be the best earthwork contractor that anyone has ever encountered, and in order to accomplish that naturally we have to be different- we do that.

Beyond that, we feel a responsibility and commitment to improving and redefining our industry. To satisfy that, we have taken steps to engage and involve demographics that many have ignored. It is paramount that contractors reach out to the next generation, and get youth inspired. Recently, we have started to develop an internship program to give students the hands on experience they need, and to hone their skill sets to develop them into valuable assets in our industry.


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