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We are a Dallas, TX based general contracting firm. Our wide range of services in residential and commercial construction include: Construction Management; General Contracting; Property Development; and Design Build projects. Our Principal and Founder has three decades of experience working on large format residential developments; and high value commercial projects. With proven experience and significant domain competence, we are uniquely positioned to help landowners optimize their return on investment.

On each of our client jobs, we commit ourselves to excel under the "Triple Constraint" of project management – Time, Cost, and Scope. In whatever role we perform on a project, we will do our best to complete every project on time and within budget, and in full compliance with scope.

We take pride in our quality and safety policy. We strive towards a zero accident / incident on each of our projects with zero tolerance for safety mistakes. We have a strong bias to quality in everything we do.

Our Story

Let’s begin our story with our corporate identity – our logo and the color scheme. Our founder is a perfectionist to the core. Our firm has embraced a cult of perfectionism. We recognize that it is practically impossible to be "Perfect" in everything we do, especially in the construction industry where most everything we do is subject to uncertainties and vagaries of nature. But, we consciously set ourselves a lofty goal. We believe that lofty goals, when chased with conviction and commitment will help us deliver an end product that is near "Perfect" and above par by any standards. So, we named our firm "Perfect General Contractors" – our name says it all and we mean every word of it.

Every logo has a story, and so does ours. The triangle in our logo depicts the "Triple Constraint" of project management (scope, budget, and time). We will complete every project on time and within budget and in complete compliance with scope. Blue signifies hard work and loyalty; brick red signifies dirt or earth; and green signifies eco-friendly actions.

Our logo thus conveys the essence of our existence – with hard work, loyalty, and environmentally responsible actions; we will excel under the "Triple Constraint" to transform dirt into buildings that are just "Perfect" for their intended purpose

How We Evolved

For nearly three decades, our founder Sri Chaluvadi provided design, detailed engineering, and construction management on real estate, environmental and urban infrastructure projects. He founded AWM Consulting in 1992 which in the later years moved up the value chain to become a full service strategy, management consulting, and transaction advisory firm. Though deeply engaged on the financial side of large projects, Sri always remained closely connected to the engineering, project management, and operations side of the projects. This unique mix of engineering and financial excellence largely contributed to the financial success of the projects and enterprises he headed.

Sri is a real estate broker in the DFW area with a strong focus on syndicated investments. He organizes, and manages syndication partnerships. In his quest to deliver optimal returns to his investors, Sri discovered the need for sophisticated general contractors to serve small landowners. Lacking in technical competence, several general contractors working on smaller projects, either factor-in too much contingencies and bid high; or bid too low and quit the job in the middle. Technically competent general contractors either bid too high or simply not available to work on small jobs, given the booming construction activity in the DFW area. Sri, therefore decided to perform as a general contractor for his investment entities and thus the birth of "Perfect General Contractors".

Mission and Vision

It is our mission to provide our customers with quality real estate assets that exceed their expectations by fully understanding their needs and aspirations. In doing so, we will:

Conduct all our business fairly, and transparently

Respect our vendors and contractors

Treat our employees with dignity, and

Reward our shareholders

It is our vision to build 500,000 SF of high quality construction projects by the year 2025. To do so, we will:

Continuously invest in our resources

Integrate operations and control costs

Train, motivate, and empower our employees

Adopt and adhere to highest workplace safety standards, and

Create a work culture that our employees and affiliates will be proud of


Honesty in our communications– We will be true to what we say to our clients and stakeholders.

Integrity in our actions – We will be true to our actions. What is said will be done, no matter what

Commitment to quality and safety – Safety is our highest priority, zero accidents is our uncompromised target. Quality is our way of life.

Passion – We love what we do and we do what we are best at.

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