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The foundation for our well established construction business was established by my father back in 1971 after honorably severing as a decorated US Army Combat Veteran during the Vietnam War era. 

During our long business history, Dad would often provide work crews and materials at little to no charge to resolve failed project issues for seniors and others who had suffered roofing and exterior deck waterproofing structural damage resulting from hiring the unskilled and/or careless "cheap throw-on contractor". 

My Dad started the company back in the early 1970's. He always remained focused on old world quality construction trade skills pased down from generation-to-generation derived from our Dutch grandparents who came to Southern California in the 1800's. When I started working with the company, Dad taught me "THE ONLY TRUE FOUNDATION FOR BUSINESS IS SERVICE" and to abide by the laws. 

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Founded In: 1879
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