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Surwilo Contracting Company is a family owned and operated business established in 1955 in Stamford Connecticut. We are underground infrastructure repair experts working with a variety of utilities including water, sewer and storm drainage lines; repairing, installing, and rehabilitating both main lines and laterals.  We specialize in solving problems for homeowners, property management groups, commercial properties, golf courses and municipalities. We have many years of experience and special tools to aid in digging in close proximity to other utilities in complex urban situations as well as rural areas. We have invested in some cutting edge trenchless pipe replacement tools which can greatly reduce the overall impact of an excavation for all parties involved. We focus on minimal surface disruption which helps to reduce the amount of restoration required after the object pipe is repaired or replaced. Top quality work is provided by our crew, who treat your property like it is their own. 


Some of the services we offer include: 

  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement: If there is an existing pipe in the ground, generally we can replace and upgrade it with minimal excavation. When this method is applicable, there is a dramatic reduction in restoration of the ground's surface, whether it be an busy urban thoroughfare, rural asphalt road, ornamental landscape, stone patio, blacktop driveway, pool area, concrete road/sidewalk, large trees, lawns, buildings, porches, etc. When our technology is used intelligently, an excavation does not have to be another scar to Mother Earth; the destruction has already happened when the pipe was installed originally. Our unique service provides minimal disruption to deal with for all parties involved. When the situation calls for it, we can increase the size of the existing host pipe with the replacement pipe; water, sanitary sewer, or storm. 
  • Water Services: Domestic and Fire; installed, repaired, trenchlessly replaced, retired for demolition, and upgraded.
  • Sanitary Sewers: Laterals and main lines; installed, repaired, trenchlessly replaced, retired for demolition and upgraded.
  • Storm Drainage: Installed, repaired, trenchlessly replaced, upgraded. Catch Basins, yard drains, manholes, detention/retention systems installed, repaired. Resolve wet basement situations with a variety of methods.
  • Pipe Bursting: The 'bursting' term is quite the misnomer as there are no explosions when this special tool is in action. This is one of our trenchless pipe replacement methods where we are able to replace compromised sanitary sewer laterals and storm drainage pipes with HDPE pipe. As long as we can get our steel cable through, and the host pipe is not encased in concrete, we can replace it trenchlessly. Our equipment can be used though 45 degree bends as well as upsize the existing pipe one size larger, 4" cast iron to 6" HDPE for example. We can burst a variety of materials that have failed including but not limited to: PVC, clay, cast iron, asbestos cement, Orangeburg (Bermaco, cardboard and tar), etc. Problems associated with tree roots entering the joints in the pipes is a thing of the past with our fused HDPE connections; they are completely seamless eliminating the on going problem of roots blocking and clogging existing pipes. 
  • HDPE Pipe Fusing:  High Density Poly Ethylene pipe fusing; 2-6" in a moments notice, larger sizes available upon request.
  • Emergency Excavation Services to resolve a multitude of issues: Water main breaks, broken sanitary sewer and storm drain pipes. Storm response with equipment, pumps, saws, power, etc. 
  • Handicapped Accessibility. We know and understand from personal experience. Anything it takes to enable you to use your home and/or make your property assessable to you. From driveways to decks to ramps to your specific situation. Bring us your ideas we will make them a reality. 




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