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Founded In: 2012
Size: 1-4 Employees
Annual Vol: Undisclosed
Our Licenses:
Issuer: State of Michigan
Qualifier: Brian Sartin
Expiration: May 31, 2020

Our Story

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Bringing your Business Back from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Life as we know it may never be the same, but getting your business back into shape after this will require you to think differently. As you start back up, your staffing and budget could initially be less than you have ever seen, but you can do more with it than you think. Your new norm may require a little more support from others with expertise in Facility Operation, Maintenance and Management. Hiring a consultant to work with you to move your plans forward could be just what your company needs right now.

Consultants need to have a focus that … Enhances your Leadership and organizational capacity… Brings energy and sponsorship of work… Doesn’t come with predetermined agendas… Utilizes expertise and establish a partnership with clients… We are equal and collaborative business partners… Works themselves out of a job

As a Consultant, I will advise you in your decision making process and support the actions needed to get back on track. You bring “what needs to be done” and I will bring “how to get it done”. You own it - I support it. Once you are moving in the direction required for your success, I will step back as you take full ownership of the process.

You will start slow on this process, with a mindset to continually pick up your pace to get back to full speed. Your actions will produce both immediate and long-term results.


FMC's Story

Supporting Facility and Maintenance Departments is the reason I started my business.  Utilizing my experience as a Facility, Construction and Maintenance Manager, I work with you to evaluate your department's performance and potential. From the results, we will set up a plan tailored just for your company/department. The focus will be to grow your personnel to obtain higher performance levels. The possibilities are endless. 

I have worked with Educational Institutions, the US Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Power Plants, to name a few, assisting to improve their operations and maintenance departments.

I also hold a Certification in Building Commissioning as a QCxP (Qualified Commissioning Process Provider), with a focus on Existing Buildings.  Sometimes new buildings aren't in the budget, so re-designing what you have to accommodate the changes needed is your only option. This can be a good thing for your company and facility department. EBCx Process provides an opportunity to do more of the process with your staff. My responsibility is to supply guidance and support through the phases of the project - Planning, Design, Scope, Project Responsibilities and Training, always focusing on meeting Customer Project Requirements. I focus on the goals of the project as planned while the Customer has the responsibility to oversee the project. What are some of the Benefits? Less costs for change orders, In-house staff takes ownership, schedule/budget is under your charge and more. See for articles that may help you with your Facilities.

My desire is to assist customers and contractors locally, but I also travel the US supporting my clients as required. View my web site for additional services that I can provide.

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