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Los Angeles, California 90017
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In an industry as hazardous, complex, and dynamic as construction, our Safety Management Consulting firm identifies, solves, and prevents construction-relate accidents by specializing in Site Safety Management, Safety Plans, Programs, Audit Inspections, and Training.

Originally founded in 1999 in the heart of New York City, Site Safety, LLC has expanded to the West Coast to satisfy the ever-growing need for site safety. We have extensive experience in major construction projects in multiple cities across the United States. Our national presence is maintained by our exemplary record in safety and excellent rapport with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our clients while providing a service that is consistent with our ethical standards. This pride is coupled by the confidence to deliver all of the services that your project requires from beginning to end.

"Plan Today, Safe Tomorrow.”

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