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Tucson, Arizona 85719
(520) 867-7426     (520) 955-0027

From maximizing productivity to ensuring business continuity, your business requires uninterrupted access to customer information, data centers, remote locations and the Internet. The Cox Business network ensures reliability and redundancy so your network connections function seamlessly.

The Cox Business network:

  • One of the most scalable, state-of-the-art networks in the country
  • One of the four largest providers of Metro Ethernet services in the U.S.*
  • Scalable data speeds up to 10G on a 99.9+% reliable network backbone owned and managed by Cox from the first mile to the last
  • Nationwide service extending to more than 30 metro networks
  • Continual monitoring of all backbone connections for utilization and performance
  • Extensive peering (public and private) and transit connectivity; more than 150 peering partners via 350+ peering sessions, augmented by multiple Tier 1 transit providers, delivered via high-capacity, scalable (up to n x 10G) connections
  • Interconnection to all major carriers offers seamless nationwide service

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