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Harry Tracy WTP Long-Term Improvements Project

San Bruno , CA
Scope Of Work:

Located in San Bruno, California, the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant (HTWTP) Long-term Improvements Project was completed for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The HTWTP treats and delivers water stored in the Crystal Springs and San Andreas reservoirs to residents and businesses in North County, and is the San Francisco Peninsula’s sole source of emergency water.

The upgrades were needed to improve the nearly 100-year-old Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System, making HTWTP more seismically sound, improving treatment capacity and reliability, and other improvements to the facility, including additional filters and upgrades to various systems. The new eleven million gallon treated water reservoir provides up to 140 million gallons per day (mgd) of emergency water in the event of an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault.

HTWTP had to remain operational at all times during construction, with the exception of six (6) scheduled, major shutdowns when new processes were tied into the existing system. MEC’s technical experience was utilized to manage the electrical subcontractor, and assist in fulfilling the projects Electrical Quality Control requirements.

The electrical work that took place during the shutdowns included:

Relocating all electrical equipment in the West Chemical Building to allow for its demolition

Moving plant operations into Phase 3 of the Operations Building

Installing new conduit and cable to 3 new Ozone Generators and PSU’s

Installation of the 480V Emergency Power System in the Ozone Building area

Electrical work associated with removing and replacing the Ozone Destruct Units and Ozone Destruct Blowers

Startup and commissioning of the new 4160v Standby Power Generator