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34.5kV XLPE Underground Cable Replacement

Portland , ME
Scope Of Work:

Starting in July 2012, Mass. Electricn Construction Co. (MEC) crews replaced three (3) underground 34.5kV XLPE cable circuits, connecting three substations in Portland, Maine. All work took place in the Old Bay neighborhood of Portland, an active area with significant business and tourist traffic. The first circuit, Circuit 121, ran from Union Street substation to the Cape Steam Substation, a total of 5,192 feet of 500 MCM Copper EPR triplex cable was replaced through 15 manholes. A section of the submarine cable running under Portland Harbor still remains. Circuits 122 and 123 run in parallel and connect the Union Street substation to the Forest Avenue substation. MEC crews replaced 6,477 feet of 750MCM Copper EPR triblex cable through 23 manholes. MEC crews were responsible for splicing, terminating and testing all the new cable.

The project was finished in December 2012, ahead of schedule and under budget.