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General Information for:
Eco-Bay Cleaning Systems

Fairfield, California 94533
(707) 803-0192

General Information for:
Eco-Bay Cleaning Systems

Fairfield, California 94533
(707) 803-0192

About Eco-Bay Cleaning Systems

Fairfield, California 94533


At Eco-Bay Cleaning Systems we stay ahead of our competition , providing you with the utmost safest, honest most reliable cleaning Service. Using only Eco-friendly quality proven cleaning solutions and green seal certified chemicals.
You will have a cleaner greener and healthier facility not only for yourself but for your employees and customers as well!
Pursuit to Perfection:
We are here to provide you and your facility with an everyday clean environment safe from dust allergens and airborne viruses. We are in  the pursuit of perfection by giving our customers what they deserve and exceeding their expectations by going above and beyond, with little to no impact to the environment
By using our top of the line cleaning techniques we fight cross contamination and the spread of bacteria and viruses by using micro-fiber cloths and mops system.
We understand that one technique doesn’t quite work for all facilities, our employees stay sharp and up to date on giving you the best technique to come-about cleaning your facility while still giving you a high level of cleanliness.
You can count on Eco-Bay Cleaning Systems to provide you special services and better quality cleaning with our specialized training program.
You can rest assure your facility will look and feel rejuvenated!

"Green Cleaning Technology"
Keeping you, your employees and the environment safe from harsh chemicals is our priority and priority. Quality Green Cleaning without compromise is what you benefit from us.

  • Environmentally safe cleaning solutions

    All of the products we use are Eco-Friendly they promote reusability, eco-responsible packaging, all-natural materials, etc., while the majority have earned the independent Green Seal of approval.

  • Microfiber systems

    Microfiber cloths and mops remove over 99% of dust, dirt, and germs with fewer products.

  • Multi-filtration (HEPA/ULPA) vacuums

    Vacuums are approved through the Carpet & Rug Institute's Green Label program and are proven to leave 3X fewer particles in the air compared to other cleaning services.

  • Specialized chemical dispensing systems

    Training and proper use of the exact amount of green cleaning solution is essential to reduce impact of even these non-toxic products.



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