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Founded In: 2004
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Project Eye Consultants Inc.  was started in early 2004 by Gus Papadakis. His vision was to build a company that was based on mutual trust and extraordinary customer service.  

?His Entreprenural endeveours started back in college when faced with the need for money to continue his education.  With his keen insight and his desire to help others while helping himself, he started the first firewood home delivery service, from his dorm room at Syracuse University.  Soon orders were coming faster than he could imagine until the fateful day his order was larger than he could handle.  Determined as ever not to disappoint a customer he carefully loaded his car with enough firewood to create a fire that could be seen from space, he proceeded on his way.  Being mid winter and as all winter days in Syracuse snowing sheets of snow, he made the slow and dangerous journey, only to slide on ice and run into an embankment.  After crawling from under the mountain of firewood and dislodging the car he completed his journey.  But the story doesnt end their, he made it to his destination only to find out that the customer had made an error in quantity.  

This short story of our founder serves as a representation of the tenacity, eagerness and sticktoitiveness

(yes that's a word)  That our founder brings to his current work and has made part of the Project Eye Culture.  

We at Project Eye Inc. dont consdier ourselves simply builders and managers, because we love what we do, we consider ourselves deliverers of the firewood that will keep our customers warm, especially after we over deliver and build a project that exceeds our clients expectations.

?Today Project Eye works on many different project types, from General Contracting, Retail/ Commercial, Residential and Affordable Housing.  We are construction Managers and Builders and we believe that construction should not be as difficult and costly as our industry sometimes makes it out to be.  

Our process is simple:

Learn about our customer

Keep in constant contact

Plan creativly and with the client in mind

Manage Professionally

Work skillfully

and Execute Thoughtfully 

??We would love to put our eyes to work for you!

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