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Ener-Con Companies, Inc., has developed approximately 3500 units, currently manages 800+ apartment and condominium units, approximately 300,000 square feet of retail space and over 400,000 square fee of industrial space.

We specialize in new construction and condominium conversions, closing 450+ units since 2007, with sales exceeding $57,000,000.

Timeline to Success

  • 1984 — Michael "Mike" H. Dilworth forms his own construction company
  • 1985 — Incorporates under the name of Ener-Con Builders, Inc.
  • 1996 — Forms Ener-Con Properties, S.C., a property management company to manage both multi-family and commercial buildings
  • 2003 — Forms Ener-Con Companies, LLC, to merge 3 divisions (Builders, Property Management and Sales)
  • 2005 — Celebrates 20th Anniversary in business
  • 2006 to Present — Forms Ener-Con Companies, Inc., to include 5 divisions Development/Construction, Property Management, Real Estate Sales (operating as Forest Green Realty), Service Tech, and Creative Asset Management
  • 2010 — January, Ener-Con Companies, Inc. celebrated 25 years in business.
             —July, Ener-Con Companies, Inc. and Kreuter Enterprises forms another partnership, Credit Line LLC., to acquire distressed residential and commercial properties. Ener-Con Companies, Inc. and Kreuter Enterprises have been partners in several development projects since the early 90's.

About the President

Michael "Mike" H. Dilworth joined the U.S. Navy, became a diver and received an honorable discharge in 1975.

His early trade was as an electrician journeyman until 1984, when Mike decided to change careers to form a construction company.

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