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Dahl's Drywall Business Principles

Dahl's Drywall is a company that specializes in steel stud framing,
hanging, and taping sheetrock. We are very competitive and believe
in commitment and growth. By creating an open
communication with clients from the beginning we can
build a trustworthy relationship and make sure each job is
done with 100% satisfaction.


Services - Seattle/Lynnwood/Bellevue

Dahl's Drywall provides the following services:

Metal Stud Framing
Patch & Repair

Drywall Levels

We've provided the following details to ensure a consistent and accurate understanding of the levels of drywall available. These drywall levels will be reviewed during the initial visit to ensure the customer understands which level is needed, will be included in the written bid and will be verified during thecustomer inspection.

Drywall Level 1

All joints and interior angles have tape set in joint compound. The surface is free of excess compound. Tool marks and ridges are acceptable, and tape and fastener heads need not be covered with compound. This level of finish is often described as "fire taping" as is seen typically in garages and other unfinished areas that require a fire separation. Surface appearance doesn't matter.

Drywall Level 2

All joints and interior angles have tape set in joint compound and wiped with a joint knife, with a thin coating of compound left on the joints and interior angles. Fastener heads are covered with one coat of compound, and tool marks and ridges are acceptable. This level of finish is often specified for use under tile and in mechanical areas where surface appearance is not a concern.

Drywall Level 3

A Level 3 finish has a second coat of compound on taped joints, interior angles, fastener heads, and accessories. This compound is smooth and free of tool marks and ridges. This level of finish is often specified when the finished surface will have a heavy texture.

Drywall Level 4

This level has joint tape embedded in compound and two additional coats of compound on top to hide the tape and to smooth the surface. Fasteners are concealed with three coats of compound. Finally, the compound is sanded with fine-grit paper and primed. This level of finish is not recommended under gloss, semigloss, or enamel paints.

Drywall Level 5

Level 5 finishing requires all the steps of a Level 4 finish, but with an additional skim coat of compound applied to the entire wall or ceiling. This level of finish is recommended where gloss, semigloss, and enamel paints are specified or where severe lighting conditions occur.


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Beadex All Purpose Joint Compound
Beadex All Purpose Joint Compound
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