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Ventura, California 93003
(805) 643-4387

The EZ Rig small footprint crane is a workhorse in the construction and water district industries, where lifting heavy loads from unique positions and hard to get places is a regular task.   This mobile crane moves around on durable 8” locking caster wheels. It can lift, pull or lower 2,400 pounds and it has a vertical reach height of 19 feet. The mini crane can go through standard 3-foot doors and into standard elevators.  This ability coupled with the capacity to lower or lift loads 130 vertical feet make it ideally suited for glass installation and HVAC companies especially where they would find this rugged crane the perfect work companion.

However, the EZ Rig Crane is a versatile tool used in a variety of industries. The EZ Rig crane is efficiently manufactured in a full-service automated plant in Ventura, CA and the unit cost reflects it.  Units are in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the world today.


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EZRig Crane is manufactured under U.S. Patent # 5,934,490 and all rights reserved ©2015.
EZRig Crane, Inc., operating out of Ventura, California, United States, is a manufacturing company that produces the small portable EZRig Crane, serving the Manufacturing, Industrial, Construction, Transportation, HVAC, Pipe, Steel, Glass Installation, Roofing, Automotive, Trucking, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft, and other industries

For more information:
Ray Neria, Phone: (805) 643-4387, Fax: (805) 642-9925, Email: info@ezrigcrane.com, Cage Number: 7R0X1
Website: http://www.ezrigcrane.com/
Photos: http://www.ezrigcrane.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/portable-crane-lifting-steel-beam-EZRig-Crane.png (11 MB 300 dpi)

EzRig Crane lifting steel girder in shop

EZ-Rig Cranes, Inc. has been listed in the Blue Book since 2014.

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