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AllCity Deputy Inspections Inc., is a WMBE enterprise providing professionally Certified Special Inspectors and Inspection Services and Material Testing for all your construction projects needs throughout Southern California. We understand that different developers have different ways of work. And while some may meticulously plan out every detail of a building project before moving forward, others proceed based on a simple plan and only account for inspection and testing when circumstances dictate. Whatever category you fall into, we’re equally happy to work with you.

We work around your schedule, and that includes 24 hour dispatch service when needed. Our test results and inspection reports enjoy a fast turnaround time, and we promise that you will never have to slow the pace of development on our account.

Emphasizing accessibility, flexibility, and speed, AllCity Deputy Inspection, Inc. has a committed staff of consultants and works with numerous Laboratories who are all IAS-ISO/IEC certified and are willing to respond at virtually a moment’s notice to your inspection and testing needs.

Thank you very much in advance for the opportunity for AllCity Deputy Inspection, Inc., a complete deputy special inspections and material testing service 





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