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zpainters started in 2002 as Zamora & Son Painting, with a 1991 Honda Civic hatchback, a bucket, a roller, and a brush. However, our painting tradition began 18 years earlier when my father, Gilbert, at the tenderfoot age of 19, found out that he was having a baby. Mr. Zamora quickly went to work as a general helper for a painting contractor in 1984, which subsequently led him to an official union apprenticeship-training program for the residential, commercial, and industrial painting fields.It was there that Gilbert earned the title of professional journeyman painter.

As you likely already figured out, that baby was me. And as you can imagine, as soon as I was old enough my summer vacations were spent learning my father’s trade. Many boys have traveled down the same path, receiving a trade from their father. It’s a sacred, age-old path, and I have a deep love and appreciation for the trade as a result. The trade put food on the table for me growing up, taught me the value of hard work, and provided many wonderful memories of working alongside my father. There’s a deep since of accomplishment to create, earn, and provide with your hands; and I have the privilege to count myself among the craftspeople who have done so for millennia.

Our hope is that you feel the pride that we have in our craft, from the way we treat our craftsmen, to the product our craftsmen provide, to the gratitude for having work that enables us to provide for our families.



Christopher Zamora



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