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Alliance Lumber

Tempe, Arizona 85282
(623) 931-2240

It's our service that people have come to count on over the years. And as Arizona's largest lumber distributor, our customers can count on Alliance to have the materials they need, when they need them. From a small house to a large commercial project, we'll make sure your order is delivered quickly and accurately.

discover some of our values and ideas that make us tick.

    • People matter.
      Some of our relationships run back over 30 years. This is what we've built our business on.

    • Service is king.
      Why do our customers keep coming back year after year? We like to think it's because we're nice people and tell funny jokes. But we know it's our service. It's our hallmark. And it's how we help you meet your deadlines and scope of budget.

    • Orderly yard. Orderly business.
      Our lumberyards are neat and orderly. We can find what you need right away. What can we say? Mom taught us well.

  • You can talk to us.
    Technology like voice mail and email is great, but nothing beats talking to a real live person.

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