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Phoenix, Arizona 85035
(602) 710-9239

General Information for:

Phoenix, Arizona 85035
(602) 710-9239

About Got-Crete

Phoenix, Arizona 85035

Our main lines of business include: Concrete Line Pumping Service.

Our mission;  At Got-Crete our Mission is to rebuild America 1 yard at a time!

We are an innovative concrete pumping company and we pump with integrity and safety in mind at all times, we have a clean set up and reputation and you can be rest easy knowing we are properly insured and are ready to accommodate your pumping needs for both residential and commercial with your protection in mind 24/hours a day… and we only want to serve the best…

(Our Value)

With Got-Crete We believe in total prosperity for everyone and it’s not always the cheapest bid that gets the job…

With Got-Crete we build our business on integrity and that helps distinguish Got-Crete from the competition…

With Got-Crete we set our pricing level to accommodate the unknown surprises that come about that we are all too familiar with…

With Got-Crete It is my promise to follow these steps to help insure our success and with these valuable key attributes and that is how we build new and existing loyally trusted business relationships and together we can rebuild America one yard at a time.


Got-Crete is a fresh start up company 02-01-2014 and was born from being partnered up with a known Pump company here in the Phoenix Valley since 2005 and over the last nine years I was involved in all facets of the Concrete line pumping stream as a pumper, driver, logistics coordinator, designer, problem solver, PR guy and a partner and I believe in old school business practices.

As a small business owner I maintain and build my reputation in this business with a high level of safety and Integrity 1st and in mind at all times and in this business that is key.

Got-Cret's Pumping theology and key selling points; 

Concrete is our most abundant and oldest natural resource and it is our future in all building, It does not burn or blow away and it stays cool so it holds up to our eliments and pumping is the way to go as you know working smarter is better than working harder!

Key Example;

Harder; 10 yards of concrete equals 60+ wheelbarrows ½ to ¾ full and takes four men 15 trips that 60 times the possibilities of something going wrong spillage, cleanup, form damage or worse! injuries…
Smarter; Save all that hassle and use a pump because pumping ensures a safer, cleaner pathway for Concrete to be transported from the mix truck to the right place on the job when you need it, placement with timely precision...

(Better butter) Smarter!

For a Finisher! Mud placement is key and the less mud you have to shovel or rake to get it to its destination the better, plus with the concrete constantly mixing through the hose you maintain better butter quality less separation and a constant flow to lessen the potential of cracking or raking in the debris from the ground underneath and your result is a quicker and better finish quality...

Ultimately we get the mud where you want when you need it...

(Timesaver) Smarter!
It takes 4-times the amount of time to wheelbarrow 10 yards then to pump it... with Got-crete we can pump 10 yards in 30 minutes or less so your finishers can get to it quickly and work it quickly for a better finish all to help insure and build your companies integrity as well...

Got-Crete's owner John Logan has been Re-building America since 2005 and listed in the Blue Book so we can Rebuild America Together...

So let's work together!!

Thank You

John Logan

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