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Wolverine Fire Protection Co.

Concord, California 94520
(925) 825-1204     (800) 530-9006

Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is one of the largest independently family owned sprinkler contractors in the United States. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. offers its clients the advantage of dealing with a company that...

  • Employs an in-house team of professional engineers who can create a total fire protection program that is hard to beat
  • Maintains a strong financial position
  • Serves some of the largest, most demanding industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, educational, power generating and governmental agencies
  • ISO 9001-2008 Registered
  • NQA 1 Compliant
  • Is registered and or licensed to do business in 42 states as well as Guam, and welcomes the opportunity to expand as needed
  • Is currently performing work on projects in Peru and Cuba
  • Participates as an active member in the NFSA
  • Employs active Principal Members on NFPA 409 & 415 Aircraft Hangers, NFPA 72 Building Fire Safety Systems, NFPA 850 Fire Protection for Electric Generating Plants, and NFPA 120 & 122 Mining and Process Facilities Committees.

We know from decades of experience that a relationship with Wolverine Fire Protection Co. translates into bottom-line benefits for your company. If you have fire protection needs, it would be in our mutual interest to meet. We look forward to the day when Wolverine Fire Protection Co. can serve you.

Core Services:

Engineering Design - Our in-house staff of engineering/design professionals follow or exceed nationally standardized procedures and codes, and where applicable, more stringent state and city ordinances. Wolverine Fire Protection's design team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to meet or exceed the toughest ordinances.

Fabrication - Like our engineering and design staff, our in-house fabricators are the best in the industry. We build reliable systems that will provide years of protection and peace of mind.

Installation - Qualified and expert fitters are knowledgeable, professional and trained to handle new construction or retrofitting projects of any scale. We have regional installation teams across the country skilled in a variety of project environments.

Service, Maintenance & Testing - Wolverine Fire Protection stands by our products and design. We rigorously test, maintain, and service every product sold and installed. Our service technicians are trained to monitor and supervise electrical systems, valves and water flow to assure reliability and effectiveness. We perform annual system inspections in accordance with NFPA code requirements.


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